27.000 years preserving the most perfect balance of minerals.


Why Choose Us?

With 27,000 years of age, ROISS Natural Mineral Water is the most ancient and finest mineral water in the world. It is exceptional, because of its unique properties and its timeless purity. Its natural 27,000 years filtration process introduces the mineral silica, which contributes to ROISS Mineral Water distinctly soft, smooth “mouthfeel”.

Neither air or light has never touched this water! This fact alone makes it uniquely pure, exceptionally fresh and certainly clean. It is protected from environmental pollutants and other contamination, until it is gathered and bottled.

ROISS Mineral Water is all about Purity! Timeless Purity

As a model and athlete I need water all day long to keep my skin clear and my body hydrated. Roiss Mineral Water not only tasted great, its incredible pure and its history and background story is captivating.

Tiger-Lily Chandler
Model, Equestrian, Social Media Influencer and ROISS Brand ambassador.

About Us

Roiss Team

Roiss Mineral Water It’s the perfect drink for any occasion, making with its effervescent spirit, a unique experience.

Bottled in the pristine mountains of East Slovakia and carefully preserved for 27000 years in a 190mts below surface confined vault, Roiss Natural Mineral Water offers the purest and certainly the most ancient natural mineral water in the world. 

Served on the tables of the most discerning consumers, in the rooms of the top hotels, and at the finest restaurants, this new multi-pack is designed to be the perfect take home package. 

ROISS Foundation

ROISS Foundation was designed to work and help a wide array of charities and organizations, and we use water, one the most essential elements of the planet, to do this, to raise awareness and fund charitable campaigns. We work directly with this charities, aid and relief NGOs and strategic partners to undertake together projects that are priorities on the wish list of many organizations around the world but cannot be delivered due to the lack of financial resources, logistics or strategy.

We are determined to make the world a better place for us and for future generations.

We are dedicated to sharing the unique properties of ROISS worldwide, but at the same time we will continue to invest in the future of humankind, while we preserve and cherish the world's natural resources.